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 Our staff of veterinary and kennel assistants may vary by year.  Kennel positions are usually part-time as many of our kennel workers are high-schoolers or retirees who work 1 or 2 years and then move on.  Our veterinary and technician assistants also switch out occasionally.  They are usually taking college classes  part-time until they get a degree in their chosen field.


We greatly appreciate the work they all do even though it is usually behind the scenes.  We wouldn't have a functioning hospital without them!!


 Our current staff of assistants and kennel help are:  Bev, Becky, Christie, and Chelsea (who recently gratuated with her Associates Degree and is studying to take the Sate board exams to obtain her Veterinary Technician license).   Also included in our list are:  Ashley, Makhalea, Jesse, and Samantha (who is studying at Purdue now to get her veterinay technician degree).  

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