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We offer several options for diagnosing your pet in our Radiology department.  Our x-rays are advanced digital pictures that give a very clear picture of the area being examined.  We can take X-rays of any part of the body to look for changes in bones and joints, notice enlargements of the heart or other organs, and check for blockages in the intestinal tract.  We also recommend our Dental X-ray unit be used on all dental cleanings.  

We do offer ultrasound as another imaging option.  We call in a dedicated team of Registered Technicians who travel all over the state to perform these tests for us and other veterinary teams.  Ultrasound can give us a better picture of the shapes and outlines of organs and tell us if there are any issues within them.



broken leg Ultrasound ultrasound-1024x388 (2) pupsplint digital xray