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Wet Weather Pet Woes

 April showers don't just bring May flowers.


 As the weather warms and the winter snows melt, there are often areas of standing water or marshy spots in our yards.  These can contribute to  several different illnesses in our pets.  


 Giardia is an intestinal infection caused by a protozoal parasite.  It causes diarrhea that can become watery and severe.  It is also considered a zoonotic disease, which means that it is transmissable from your pet to you through infected stool.  It is treatable with antibiotics, but will need a veterinary diagnosis and prescription for your pet.


 Another disease that can be carried and transmitted by streams, creeks, ponds, and standing water is Leptospirosis.  It is spread by infected urine from other animals or wildlife.  Lepto can cause significant kidney damage in dogs that is sometimes irreversable, and is a zoonotic disease as well.  The best protection for your dog agaist this disease (and to help protect your family from the risk of contamination) is annual vaccination.


  If your yard has a chronic drainage problem, contact a landscaper to discuss how to help with drainage.  For a quick, temporary fix, consider layering straw over the problem areas.  It is organic and will work its way into the soil over time while helping to absorb some of the moisture in the immediate area.    


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